Hi My name is Lisa I’m 40 and a bit (lol), I’ve been baking for about 30 years, (OK 40 and quite a bit) .

After being nagged for many years by family and friend to bake birthday, anniversary and wedding cakes I finally bit the bullet and decided to make a business of it. I love baking and really enjoy the challenge of catering for different dietry needs and developing flavours to suit (everyone deserves cake). I love cake and especially making the weird and wonderful designs, fairy cakes, car cakes, motorbikes and animals are my favourites. So any requests are considered if I can find a way to create your idea I will.

I’m currently trying to diet, not easy being a cake maker, taste testing is essential, if its not to my standard I will start again until it is. I have been known to cook 3 lots of cake before I was happy (new oven).

I work from home in a registered Kitchen and my business partner lives next door and also has a registered kitchen just in case I don’t have enough room in mine.

I have 2 dogs, a cat, a snake and a fiance who are quite accommodating when banned from the kitchen!

We are looking forward to getting married next year and of course making my own cake! but not sure on the design yet do I go funky or traditional?