Cake Flavours

Lemon                                                  Lime

Orange                                                 Gin and Lime

Lemon and lime                                   Vanilla

Mint                                                      Salted Caramel

Lavender                                              Rose

Cinnamon                                            Hazelnut

Red Velvet                                           Chocolate

Choc mint                                            choc orange

Choc cinnamon                                   choc hazelnut (farrero Roche)

Carrot                                                  lemon and poppyseed

Fruit                                                      fruit and nut

Cherry                                                  strawberry

Lemon and blueberry                          Bakewell Tart

Blackforest                                          Anything else just ask!



Cake Fillings and Coating

All above flavoured buttercream plus baileys

All above flavoured fondant icing

White, dark or milk Chocolate ganache

Whipped ganache

Chocolate drizzle

Cream cheese frosting

Mirror glaze

Fruit compote or jam

Fresh cream (un-iced only)

Fresh fruit