No cakes today

I thought Id share with you some  of my favourite cakes

3D sculped dog head cake my cake head of My lovely dog Pooch minus all the mud he is normally covered in. I took me 2 full days to decorate firstly covering in modelling chocolate the fondant then texturing and moulding it to capture his look. I then airbrushed him and painted the nose and eyes with confectioners glaze. I just couldn’t bring myself to eat him though he did accompany me to a couple of wedding fairs.

Terry Patchett Thud book cake with mini thud board and figures top view this Terry Pratchett inspired  cake based on the book Thud I took a quote from the book and printed it on edible paper after creating an old paper look background. I then took aspects of the book such as the game board and pieces and recreated them with printing and modelling chocolate. I really enjoyed making this one, also a good excuse to have a good read (research you know) and was delicious in chocolate mint. Yes I got a piece to eat YEY.

green and gold marbled cake (gin and lime) with golden rose decoration This cake is where I discovered the beautiful effect of marbling, such and easy and effective technique. I added a few gold touches and sprayed the rose gold. this was for a good friend so I also got a piece of this one which was a little alcoholic with Lime and Gin injected. Mmm lovely Gin O’clock.

Lastly my Favourite children’s cake

 Sylvion Pokemon cake. This one was quite tricky and required both Jo and me to put all our skills to the test. We used petal paste to create the flowing ribbons, We had to cover the entire carved cake in modeling chocolate to support those huge ears and lots of fondant and rice crispie treat sculpting was needed followed by spray painting. It was a bit of a learning curve for both of us but I think we did a god job and we were very pleased with the results.

Well thanks for reading my blog, I’m off on holiday for a week so see you when I get home


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